Duo MM

   Both Miroslav Grahovac and Mateja Zenzerovic studied under Professor Elsbeth Moserat the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover. They have playedtogether since 2003 as an accordion duo and know, like no other duo, how to delight againtheir public in every concert, for these concerts are really special music experiencesand in them a delicate technique comes upon deep emotions.

   Unusual and in a way sensitive sound elements coordinate with gracefully balanced sound areas and create together with the easy-looking complexes of sound a harmonicand delicious overall concept. Their sensitive interpretations of the works played, open new musical spheres. Unexpected dimensions open, are musically satisfied and fade with further depthsof sounds. In this way they succeed to charm the public with their music and transmittheir ideas.

   Their unusually wide variety of repertoire, which from classical music over tango reaches the contemporary music, promises not only varied concerts but also really special musical adventures.Their success in international music competitions shows not in the least what an excellent musical quality this duo produces.In 2004 they obtained the first prize at the accordion competition in Klingenthal as well as in Castelfidardo, and as a result were awarded the "Live Music Now" scholarship by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.