Duo Taos

   Mateja Zenzerovic (accordion) and Jakub Drygas (Clarinet) became acquainted for the first time during their music studies at the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover. Soon arose the idea of playing together to discover trough an exceptional sound combination new world sounds and charm the public with special musical experiences. These ideas have been successfully implemented.

   In their concerts they impress with unusual but detailed sound patterns. The finest areas are delicately balanced and placed in an impressive and harmonious overall context. Through their technical finesse and captivating and sensitive interpretations they succeed to charm the public with their music, open and fill new musical spheres and present a delicate overall concept. 

   The Goslarche newspaper among others wrote: "The combination results not only absolutely exceptional, but also with a very beautiful, exquisitely delicate, sometimes almost affectionate and relaxed sound and with a magnificent ease. Both interpreters meet a high technical level with a musical sensibility and with communication skills until the last nuances of a tone."

   Their unusually wide variety of repertoire, which from classical music over tango reaches the contemporary music, promises not only varied concerts but also really special musical adventures. The Taos Duo received important support from worldwide famous music teachers, like: Professor Elsbeth Moser, Professor Johannes Peiz and Professor Hatto Beyerle.Their great success in the international accordion competition in Klingenthal, where they became second, shows that their ideas have been successfully implemented. They have been members of the Friedriech-Jürgen-Society (registered association) for the promotion of young artists since 2006.